We’re not a print firm.

We’re not an IT firm.

We’re not a marketing agency.

We’re a hybrid of these labels – and we’re transforming the variable print landscape with our unique approach to helping our customers improve results with interactive technology, marketing savvy and top-notch print.

We fuse familiar print and marketing methods with the latest interactive technology to:

-          Create materials that are personalized for every single recipient

-          Deliver a hands-on experience that’s tailor-made for each recipient based on their demographics, buying history or other data

-          Increase customer satisfaction by connecting you with your customers in ways they prefer– social media, texting, video and online

TVP is a leader in supporting marketing initiatives.  The combination of our industrial volume output devices powered by enterprise grade software helps us occupy a unique position in the marketplace.   We have taken these bleeding edge output devices and tightly integrated them with real world marketing solutions at an enterprise level.  Featured technologies include:  SMS text marketing, Personalized URLs(PURLS), Dynamic Mapping, HiDef video, Personalized Print, E-Mail campaigns, Web2Print Portals, and QR/Mobile Tag technologies.  

Our approach to solving the marketing equation is different.  We call it "Experiential Print." you can call it marketing success!